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Bill and Renee ChristenonIn 2002 Bill and Renee Christenson invented the Bumperchute®, a tailgate canopy that transforms the rear area of a sport utility vehicle into a protective shelter, we at Bumperchute Co. have learned a lot. And our early efforts taught us patience and perseverance. In the process, we discovered that our Number One priority is listening to our customers’ suggestions, and then making the best and most efficient product we can manufacture. Our customers are invaluable to the creative process and the design of a solution that best suits their needs.

Whether you are an avid skier or hunter, enjoy tailgating at a sports event, are the Incident Commander for a First Responder team, or just want to take to the open road, the unique Bumperchute rear-gate canopy provides a protected covered area for any outdoor activity. Lightweight, compact, easy to set up, and easy to stow in its own bag, the Bumperchute is a necessary accessory in any SUV or minivan.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Victor Hugo

The Christenson family waits eagerly every year for that first snowfall in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. But in 2002, as he struggled to get his kids dressed and ready to ski, it occurred to Bill that a large, easy-to-install cover extending from the back of his Chevy Suburban would make all the pre-skiing preparations a much more comfortable endeavor. As an engineer, Bill knew there had to be a better way than the shelters then on the market: cumbersome awnings secured by dangerous stakes and guy wires. After several prototypes and trials, we introduced our first recreational model.

“Restlessness & discontent are the first necessities of progress. – Thomas Edison

A new avenue opened when a Battalion Fire Chief called and said the Bumperchute was the perfect solution to a long-standing problem: the effect of weather on the efficiency of the department’s Command Post. Rain and snow could damage electronic equipment, sun glare made reading the monitors impossible, and wind blew the maps, schedules and other assessment papers. After listening to comments from other First Responders, Bumperchute designed its line of canopies specifically geared for emergency response teams, providing safe shelter for personnel and equipment.

Bumperchute Co. is a family-owned business, and all our products are proudly made in the USA. We stand by every item we sell as the best we can offer. Call us at 866-232-8189or send us an e-mail at info@bumperchute.com and let us help you select the Bumperchute tailgate canopy that is just right for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Bill and Renee Christenson
Mercer Island, Washington

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