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The Next Generation of Incident Response Lighting


When response teams first arrive on the scene, there is no time to be confused over the location of the Command Post or other response team stations. Lighting plays a big role in identifying these stations, and can save valuable time during incident response.

Bumperchute’s founder and owner, Renee Christenson, was approached several times by Fire Chief’s regarding this issue, and so she decided to do something about it. The result was a line of lighting products designed to perform under a variety of conditions.

Whether you’re using your vehicle as a command post or managing multiple incident response stations, Bumperchute has a solution for you!

Command Post Green Flag Light
Transforming your vehicle into an incident command post? No problem! Our Command Post Green Flag Light allows you to identify your command post quickly and easily, day or night. This handy product combines the Command Post flag and two battery-powered LED light into one convenient accessory.

The flag is paired with a 10-foot aluminum pole that attaches to any metal surface, including vehicles, making it easily seen over other vehicles and obstacles. The attached Lightman LED light allows you to be ready any time of day, and through smoke or fog. The light provides a full 360 degrees of visibility in either flash or steady mode to identify the post.

Tripod Flag Light
There are circumstances when you need to manage a major incident involving multiple stations that may not be in the line of sight. That’s what our Tripod Flag Light is for. It provides you the flexibility to quickly mark the area and can adjust from 6’ 5” to over 15 feet high. The LED light illuminates the area for nighttime visibility in uneven terrain or fallen debris up to 800 meters.

Tripod Triage Flag Light Kit
You can also utilize our Tripod Triage Flag Light Kit, allowing you to mark the Command Post, Staging Area, and Treatment Area with a red, green, and yellow flag and matching LED light. The Tripod Triage Flag Light Kit provides added coverage to your site and increases your 24/7 flexibility. This solution is a great match to a cohesive response team effort.

Identify your command post day or night with Bumperchute’s lighting options. We have a verity of options to meet your specific needs. Be prepared and limit your onsite confusions by investing in one of our versatile lighting options.

Have a question or want to learn more? How about a demonstration? Just give us a call, and let’s get your team set up with the right lighting equipment for the job today.

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