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9 Step Guide to Bumperchute Setup


Whether you’re a Bumperchute veteran or are considering purchasing one, refreshing your understanding of how to set up one of our tailgate canopies will make installation easier and quicker. Follow these steps to get your Bumperchute Tailgate Canopy ready for action.

Want to watch the process? Check out our video, featuring creator and owner of the Bumperchute line, Renee Christensen.

  1. Begin by locating the two largest hooks in the white section of the canopy, and attach one to the roof rack or eye loops on top of the passenger side of your car.
  2. Raise the lift gate. Notice the two elastic pockets on the canopy.
  3. Working your way from the passenger side, pull one of the pockets over the lift gate, walk the canopy around, and attach the other pocket by lifting underneath and securing it.
  4. Don’t have a roof rack? You can purchase one of our factory roof rack or roof mount kits.
  5. Attach the other hook from step 1 to the other roof rack.
  6. Attach the two bumper hooks to each bumper.
  7. Snap the included set of tent poles together for a long, pre-bent tent pole.
  8. Slide the tent pole through the black, nylon webbing sleeve on the outer edge of the canopy. Arch the pole, and slide it through the other side.
  9. Pull the arch flat and attach the white flap over the top of the pole. Ensure the shock cord is securely fastened, or tighten it by adjusting the hooks, which there are four of in all.

Once you become familiar with setting up your Bumperchute, installation should only take about two minutes.

Windy day? Attach the brown cord located on the inside of the canopy’s hook and attach it to the bottom of the bumper. Additional features include two vinyl windows that can open and shut, as well as mesh pockets used for storage located beneath the windows.

No matter your experience with Bumperchute, familiarizing yourself with the set-up process will allow you to get one of our lightweight, customizable canopies installed in your vehicle in just a few short minutes.

For more information, just give us a call at 866-232-8189.

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