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TruckVault: Ensuring Command Center Organization


After working as a sports writer and an ad salesman, Al Chandler spent time as both a big game outfitter in Montana and a building contractor, first in Montana and then in Washington State. During the latter job he came up with the idea for the TruckVault, a steel compartment with lockable drawers to keep his tools protected in the back of his truck.

What started as a means to keep sporting gear safe in the field has turned into a versatile product, highly useful to law enforcement and public safety officers.

At Bumperchute, we know that responding to an incident requires organization and fluid systems. The TruckVault is an optimal tool to keep your things safe and in order.

Part tool box, part map board, part gun locker, part filing cabinet, it turns your vehicle into an effective command center.

Consider a cell phone. People invest in cell phone cases to protect the device from cracking or water log. But they also expect the phone’s software structure to run smoothly. If Bumperchute is the cell phone cover, TruckVault is the operating system.

Outfitted with a double faced drawer system and covered by a steal top rail, the TruckVault keeps your valuables safe from theft in the field, as fisherman Rob Endsley testifies in this video.

TruckVault’s YouTube page features over 70 videos, from a testimonial by Olympic skeet shooter Kim Rhode, to tutorials on how to optimize every feature of the tool. For a quick overview of TruckVault’s versatility, check out this video.

While TruckVault can build a custom storage device for your vehicle, they also offer a variety of popular set designs:

  • The Investigator features an additional weapons drawer above a Magnum 2 Drawer system, allowing you to optimize your weapon carrying capacity.
  • The Field Ranger is a prime setup for anyone looking to travel light. Its deep magnum drawer allows for large equipment storage, and is complimented by two shallow drawers perfect for storing smaller items.
  • The Special Ops Command Center comes with a map board and table extensions, helping you plan in the field.
  • The Chief Command Center, TruckVaults most popular model, has five different drawers, making it a great fit for anyone in need of all-around storage.
  • The Captain LX one-ups the Chief Command Center, offering a cubby area for bulk storage and a flip-up map board.
  • With six drawers, the Tactical Center includes weapon storage space, a map board, filing space, and a map board.
  • The Office Center includes a desk and file storing system, making paperwork organization easy in the field.

You can check out a more extensive overview of TruckVault’s Command Center line here.

Bumperchute protects your equipment and your personnel from harsh weather. TruckVault keeps you safe and organized. To invest in both is to create an optimal mobile “home base.”

If you’d like to learn more about optimizing your mobile command center, give us a call.

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