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Care Instructions

The single most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your Bumperchute is to dry it completely before storing. This means the poles too. Storing your Bumperchute wet or damp will result in the growth of mildew which will cause it to smell, delaminate, and leak. Mildew actually penetrates the polyurethane coating of the fabric and grows in between the fabric and the coating, eventually destroying the fabric. The damage is irreversible, but immediate action can retard further mildew growth and damage. Refer to mildew cleaning instructions below.

When installing your Bumperchute, ensure that all sections of the poles are fully engaged at the joints. Do not allow the pole sections to snap against one another as the ends may be deformed or cracked causing engagement problems and weakness. Aluminum poles do have a memory so a slightly bent pole does not loose its strength. Use caution in windy conditions. High winds can collapse your vehicle doors causing the poles to bend or break. Wind damage is not covered under warranty. Use silicone spray occasionally on the pole section joints to keep the engagement smooth.

Your Bumperchute is constructed of flame-resistant fabric which meets CPAI-84 specifications. It is not fireproof and will burn if exposed to sufficient heat or open flame.

Ultraviolet light is one of the most damaging of all the elements. We utilize fabric with UV inhibitors but prolonged exposure to sunlight will eventually cause fading and loss of fabric strength.

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