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Fundraising Ideas

 It's In the Bag

black-bag-lg.jpgLooking for a new, sure-fire fundraising idea?  Bumperchute Co., maker of the unique rear-gate vehicle protective canopy, has the answer: BYOB, a two-step fundraising program that’s easy to implement and can be used for any size campaign.

No, this BYOB does not mean “bring your own bottle.”  In Step One , BYOB stands for Buy Your Own Bag, a colorful, reusable tote bag perfect to have on hand anywhere and customized with your department insignia or message.  These bright and sturdy bags appeal to everyone and practically sell themselves, raising community awareness about recycling and providing a great “green” alternative to plastic and paper grocery sacks.

Which brings us to Step Two:  Bring Your Own Bag.  To encourage their customers to bring reusable sacks, many merchants give back a refund of about 3-5 cents each time a shopper provides one of the bags. To promote good community relations, merchants may agree to donate that refund to your fundraising campaign instead.

The Bumperchute Co. is proud to offer this fundraising opportunity to our friends in emergency services.  Send us your logo and message we'll take care of the rest for a minimal design fee.   We’ll even send you a general-format letter for you to personalize and send to local merchants and an announcement for the press. Running a BYOB campaign is so easy all you have to do is plan how to allocate those development dollars, whether they are for new equipment or a charitable donation. 

As you can see from the chart below, the more bags you sell the more your campaign earns.  And local merchants may sell the bags in their stores on your behalf.

Reusable Grocery Bags
Sell (Quantity)
Initial Investment
Fundraising Earnings*

*Assumes a suggested selling price of $5.00 per bag.

Use Incentives for Fast Results.The most successful groups sell the bags to the community in bundles of 3 to 5 bags. That way, the purchaser has more than one bag to use at the market, and you, the seller, go through your inventory faster.

3 bags for $ 10 or 5 bags for $20

Two good things come from this model, one the person purchasing actually will have more than one bag to use at the market & two the department moves through their bags rather quickly

Bumperchute Co. requires 50 percent down at the time of order placement .  The balance will be due at time of shipment.

Order your customized grocery totes today and start earning what you need for equipment, operations, or your favorite charity.  We’re ready to help you meet your fundraising goals.  Call (866) 232-8189 or e-mail us:

 With the BYOB program, you can “bag your own benefits” easily and quickly. 

Fundraising made simple.

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