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japan-mazda-command-close.jpg  japan-mazda-command-open.jpgChallenge from a potential customer to oufit their command vehicle.

"Do you have canopies that would fit on smaller vehicle? We have Toyota Vans as command vehicle in Okinawa."



mazda2049.jpg japan-mazda2041.jpgHi Renee,
Just wanted to let you know that we got the 3 Bumperchute sets. Sending you some pictures as promised. Looks like a good fit.
Thanks again,



 I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Bumperchute. It was deployed for the first time this weekend during a tactical call out.

Chief Arlis V. "Vick" Reynolds

Windsor Police Department, VA


mi-tubbs.jpgStrong and Compact

We have reviewed a number of productsover the years and nothing seemed to work well.  We stumbled upon Bumperchute’s product in our local newspaper and to our delight we found the solution we were looking for.  It is easy and quick to set up, provides good coverage in the command post and is inexpensive – perfect! 

Battalion Chief Tubbs
Mercer Island, WA 


Meeting the challenges at the Command Post

The Allentown Fire Dept. purchased a new command vehicle in 2004. The rear area of the vehicle was designed as a mobile command post. Since the command area required opening the rear doors, it was necessary for our department to find a protective device not only for the command area but for the personnel operating the command post. Being in Eastern Pennsylvania we face the change of seasons that include winter snow and ice to summer heat and rain. The Bumperchute has proven to be more than perfect solution for needs for all seasons. In addition, the ability to fold the chute into a small carrying bag did not require significant storage space. We are extremely pleased with the Bumperchute and highly recommend its purchase for any department requiring command post protection. Chief Craig Long  Allentown Fire Department, Allentown PA




Shelter, space and convenience

It has already improved my Operations Chief's outlook on being able to work in the adverse conditions here in Georgia.
Fire Chief  Ricky Spencer 
Roswell Fire Department, GA 




Extra Space

Thank-you for your assistance and support of your great product! 
Fire Chief Bob Putney 
Cambria Fire Dept.




Increase command visibility

It is so simple to set up that I have our Fire Explorers put it on for me while I command the incident. 
Battalion Chief Martin Grisham
Puget Sound, WA




Just wanted to show you the pictures of the Bumperchute that we just purchased from your company. I used the rear bar light to secure the rear straps and don't think I'll be needing the roof kit. Again thank you for all your help and feel free to use the pictures in your advertising for the east coast. 
Deputy Chief Bill Lemire 
New Market Vol. Fire Co. #1, Piscataway, New Jersey 



I would like to express how impressed I am with all aspects of this sale. Your web site, your personal touch in contacting me via phone regarding comments on the order, your prompt shipping, accurate shipping information, your packing, the item itself, and product instructions ALL very professional. I practiced putting the Bumperchute on and off several times, and am very impressed with the fit, design and quality. As a K9 handler for Illinois Search Dogs, I am constantly searching for new ways to keep myself and my K9 comfortable out of the back of an Explorer. I predict that we will be the envy of many K9 teams. Thank you.
Susan Vieth & ChicoDog


Simple and quick to use

Our Suburbans went into service today (Feb. 2005) and your covers were a complete hit.
California Fire Department


Astro van United Kingdom

Hi Renee, Bumperchute arrived today.  I have attached pics of it fitted. It fits fine without needing to cut and adjust. Ok it may not line up perfectly but it's not a bad fit and does what I need it to do !

Got to say I am so impressed with the design and quality. It took 2 minutes to put up and looks great. 

I'm so pleased.Altogether brilliant product, price and service - thanks so much. Your first venture into the UK market , although small , is a huge success ! 



Please e-mail us your "action" photo attached as a jpeg and we will add it to the "in action" page. 



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